05 November 2009

I'm Speechless.........

Today, a friend of mine asked me a question which I considered as idiotic. She first asked me whether I've taken my lunch or not. Told her that I skipped lunch as I normally do. Then came the idiotic question. Why do you bother to look good when there's actually no man presence in your life & on top of that you dont even have the intention to re-marry?

What kind of a question is that? Quite stupid isn't it ? Wait...."quite" is an understatement....it should be "very stupid" actually. It's amazing how shallow minded can one be. So, does it means that I should look like crap just becoz I choose to stay single? For a moment I really dont know how to react to that question. Dunno whether I should laugh or cry. Not to cry because it upsets me or what....but to cry for having such a friend.

I then told her that I may not have the same thinking as hers. I never dressed up myself for other people's eyes. I did it for my own satisfaction.......to please my ownself. This has always been my principles. I wanna look pretty all the time regardless where I am & whom I am with. And I dont think there's anything wrong with that, isnt it?

To that friend of mine, I really pity you. I strongly advise you to go & take a long trip somewhere. Open up your horizon a bit so that you would be able to put some sense into your head. I wish you best of luck & in the future, please....please do not forward me stupid question like this again. Thank you very, very much !


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