13 November 2009

Day 1 - Explorace

The name itself is already Explorace....so, one can expect what kindof game it's gonna be. To be honest, it is quite tough especially the part where we have to crawl underneath the canoe.... huhuhu. Plus other 6 tasks which is equally challenging.

The Blue ladies

To determine the first group to start, each group has to complete a puzzle. It's not so difficult of a puzzle but with the amount of tense & pressure we're facing, any easy task can be a bomb. Unfortunately we're the 3rd group to complete the puzzle which means we're 15 seconds behind other the other 2 teams.

Faitit la....faitit !

As mentioned in the above paragraph, there are 7 tasks we are supposed to do. One of them is to connect 5 coconut trees with all the things we have with us. (including our own body). The distance between one tree to another tree is approximately 3 metres. So, altogether it's about 15 metres long of items that we should come up with - ending up with the guys taking off their tees. Luckily, all of us are quite tall ( especially Carol & Shavinder ). So, we manage to finally complete the task.

Shavinder looks like a bai who've just lost his roti......

Another challenging task is to crawl under a canoe without lifting it up. The only way to do it is by digging the sand (since it's at the beach) underneath the canoe. Oh yeah....it's one hell of a digging that need to be done ! The benchmark would be Shamsul. If Shamsul can get thru it, other people would absolutely manage to slip through too......hehehehe.

The aftermath......

By the end of the Explorace session, all of us are already half dead. I myself have to drag my feet to the final meeting point. We were so exhausted la.....every part of my body is aching like hell. So, so penat !!

Anyway for this Explorace, we got the 3rd placing. The Pink team won the game. Anyhoo, the 3rd place is still entitle for a prize...hehehe. That's the best part !


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