07 November 2009

Puti Bungsu Batam


I was with Ain & her mum the whole day today. Since my precious is not with me this week, so I'm devoting myself to them this whole Saturday. Her mum was doing some shopping for her shop. So, me & Ain on top of accompanying her we are kindof invigorating the economy..... again !


Just look at the arrays of food they have there ! You'll be spoilt with choices

After spending about 3 - 4 hours at Chow Kit, we came here for lunch. Thanks to Ain & her mum for treating me lunch at this exclusive place. Thanks a bunch Auntie ! May you be blessed with much, much more wealth and health.


Pilih...jangan tak pilih !

Puti Bongsu Batam is a restaurant that serves Nasi Padang dishes. Nasi Padang has always been my favourite ( makes me missed my ex-maid who came from Padang & cooked Nasi padang for me everyday ).


Daging Dendeng

The uniqueness of this restaurant lies in the way they served their dishes. Onec you are seated, the food will be served in a very traditional way where the waiters somehow manage to balance over 20 dishes in their hands as they make their way over to your table. You can start eating once all the dishes are placed on the table.


Beef Rendang

You will have the luxury to choose which dish you would wanna eat. Now the rule is not to touch any dishes you dont wanna eat. You will only be charged for the dishes you've taken. Doesnt mean you have to try all the 20 dishes just becoz they're on your table. Unless you're such a big eater with a very fat wallet !


Fried Chicken

The food is good - very authentic Padang food. They have all the popular Nasi Padang dishes like Daging Dendeng, Ayam Pop, Gulai Tunjang, Sambal Hijo and not forgetting the Beef Rendang.


Ayam Pop

Of all the dishes, Gulai Tunjang is my number 1 fave. Loves that delicious chewy taste. So far, I've never came across a tunjang at any other restaurant except for Nasi Padang restaurants. I guess it's just not popular among the locals except those who are experimentative & adventurous eater like me !


My forever fave - Gulai Tunjang

This restaurant is located along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, next to Restaurant Kampung Pandan. Personally, I still prefer my favourite Nasi Padang eatery in Kampung Baru - in terms of taste & of course, prices. The only thing is that, here in Puti Bungsu you'll be having your food in a more relaxed & comfortable environment - due to the zinc roof the other place is having.


Sambal Hijo

But then, the choice is yours. Both restaurants are equally good as far as food quality is concerned. You'll win some & loose some at the same time. Anyway, for all Nasi Padang lovers out there, do check out this fancy restaurant. You wont regret it !


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