29 November 2009

The Engagement Stuffs

My sister engaged this Mak Andam called Uji for her pelamin & bilik pengantin for my bro. I love both of them - so sweet and simple. Not too extravaganza or overly decorated - just nicely done - sesedap mata memandang.

Nowadays getting engaged is not as simple as before. The expectation is quite high, I would say. It'll be similar to the wedding itself - with the pelamin, dress, make-up & such. I still remembered that time when I was engaged way back in 1993. Those days getting engaged is so easy & simple. Wore a beige kebaya which was bought in Globe Silk Store @ RM 50. No make-up - just a lipstick & I'm all set & done. Pelamin for engagement is like a myth those days.

Now that everybody is doing it, you dont have a choice but to follow the trend. Biar mati anak jangan mati adat, tak begitu? The only thing you should take note is the people's expectation thereafter. Once you've set up the standard during the engagement day, people would tend to expect more for the wedding.

That's the pressure my sister is currently facing right now.....hehehe. Best of luck to her then !


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