09 November 2009

Tempe Wonders

Had fried tempe for dinner tonite. Love tempe so much I could even eat it raw. Normally when I was preparing the tempe, half of the portion would already gone into my tummy while slicing them....hehehe. For my overseas reader ( chewahhh...... ), tempe is the traditional javanese food which is made of fermented soy beans. It is a very nutritious food that is very rich in protein ( and absolutely not collagen ! ).

Whenever I had tempe or heard the word, I cant help it but to have Khir Toyo's image visualized in my head. Khir Toyo in the former Menteri Besar for Selangor who was famous for his statement on tempe a few years back. The drastic transformation of his botoxified looks has created a big question mark among Malaysians generally. When asked about it, he claims that the regular intake of tempe is the answer to his radiant & youthful looks. That statement was the joke of the year ! It's funny how these politicians think......they must have thought that the people are as dumb as they are.

This story has also reminded me of the famous local celebrity, Anita Sarawak. At the age of 57, she looked as gorgeous as a 30 year old woman. Her face is so flawless with not a single wrinkle could be detected. Once in an interview that I watched not so long ago, she claims that it's the wudhu' that makes her skin so beautifully young. Okay...that's an interesting statement. She's just 2 years younger than my mum & why does the wudhu' doesnt have the same effect on my mum's skin? Again....a big question mark there.

Freak show, that is.....

Be it a politicians or celebrities.....these species are very well known for their confusing & misleading statements. Out of 10, not even 1 statement you'll find truthful. There are always doubts, reservations & uncertainties in their sentences which makes us wonder even more. Anyway, that's my 5 cents worth of opinion. Never fancied these group of people anyway.


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