02 November 2009

Tinggal Kenangan - Caramel

Pernah ada rasa cinta antara kita
kini tinggal kenangan
ingin ku lupakan semua tentang dirimu
namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu
oh bintangku

Jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku
di sini aku merindukan dirimu
ingin ku coba mencari penggantimu
namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu
oh kekasih

Thanks to Ain for this song. If it's not becoz o her, I wouldnt know the existence of thing song. It is indeed a very nice song - soft & pleasant. Two reasons why I love this song : Firstly is becoz of the prominent sound of the guitar (since it's an acoustic version la kot ). I've always love the sound of a guitar.....it's like an anesthetic which would take me to another dimension of life. Havent heard the normal version of the song though since the acoustic has already gotten into me.

The second reason is of course the lyrics - short but very the touchy! Those who are close to me knows well whom would I dedicated this song to.


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