14 November 2009

PD Trip - Reflection

To summarize everything, I did enjoyed myself very, very much throughout these two exciting days. Along with everybody else (I'm sure), all of us had a tremendous fun there. Everybody was a sport & we just let everything out - no holding backs or such. That makes every events so enjoyable & exciting.

Staff of 2009 - Dresser Italia S.r.I

Didnt expect it's gonna turned out so well. Even the weather is on our side. It only rains on the day we're supposed to leave. The rain was quite bad as if the day is weeping our departure. Me & Carol never really look forward to this trip, honestly. At one point we were so close to boycotting this trip as a gesture of our disappointment. We were so upset when the management rejected the cruise proposal of which would be twice as fun as this PD trip.

The committee members

Anyway, I felt so blessed & grateful for all the good times I had for the past 2 days. So thankful for all the shopping vouchers I won - RM270 in total ! Yippie !! To everybody & specifically to the committee members (which includes me)
, thanks so much for your hard-work & support. This event wouldnt be a success without the enormous support & participation from each & everyone of you. Bravo !


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