05 November 2009

This Is It

Went to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It last night with my precious. Anyway, I dont think I'm the right person to give a review on this movie. Being MJ's fan, it's gonna be very difficult for me not to be biased in my reviews.

I guess that pretty much explains whether or not I enjoyed the show. Like how Marsya normally said it : I dont like it...... I LOVE IT ! I enjoyed every bit of it. Not a single second of the movie bores me. I had goosebumps several times during the film and the feeling I had was something great.

The 1 hr 50 mins movie is the compilation of an estimated 80 hours of his rehearsals and behind the scenes footage or the 50 London concerts that he never lived to perform. The scenes show a variety of rehearsals which featured different songs from Michael's repertoire of hits. With each song we see the perfectionist that Jackson was. He knew his voice, he knew the song, and he knew his audience. The genuine kindness he showed towards his musicians and director really touched my heart.

My favourite part of the movie would be the Smooth Criminal. I just love the way they re-make the video clips. The settings & propos are just so amazing & brilliant. Through out the movie, cant stop moving my head up and down the whole time, and my feet just keep tapping to the beat!!

This film shows what could have been but never was. For die hard MJ fans, This Is It is clearly a must-see. I would definitely go & watch it for the second time (or even more) if I got the chance.


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