21 November 2009

Wedding Story - The Big Day

I've been very, very busy for the past 1-2 days that I didnt have the time to continue my story on my bro.'s wedding. Am working out something with a friend which requires loads of time & commitment that I've to sacrifice my blog for a moment. Just hope it'll be materialized as planned..... amin !

Back to the wedding story. Well, Saturday 21st November 2009 was the big day. The bersanding ceremony starts at approximately 1 pm. It was drizzling when we got there - hujan rahmat. Luckily the rain didnt get heavier otherwise we're gonna be the groom's wet troops rather than the groom's glamorous group !

The bersanding ceremony went quite well. Every one of us got the opportunity to menepung tawar the couple according to the Malay traditions. My brother looked really awkward on the pelamin. I can sense his unpleasantness being an abject of display with hundreds of eyes screening over him. Been there done that....only thing, during my time I dont really bother about how I might looked like up there on the pelamin. All I could think of at that time is to run far, far away, leaving everything & everybody else behind. Argghhh....I guess, I've deviated again. Cant really help it actually. The pain & sorrow still hurts till today. Zapppp......I cant afford to take you guys thru the time machine rides. So, let's go back to the present time, ok !

Next is makan timeeee !!! Apparently the table for the makan beradab was designated 100% for us......plus the bride & groom la, of course. So, two things are good for sure- first, we can all eat without having to control cun since it's only us at the table kan. Secondly, we can have all the food to ourselves ( can even disregard the pengantin coz they'll be too excited to eat)..... hahahaha.

Best wishes to you both. The road ahead might be rough, but remember this, hold each other close...walk through it with lots of patience & wisdom. There are few things in life as important as love, and nothing is as important as trust. Make trust the foundation of your marriage, faith, love, humor, and forgiveness...... and the life you build will be solid and strong. All my love, and wishes for happiness to each of you.


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