14 November 2009

2nd Day - Volleyball

It's the 2nd day which is the last day of our company trip. Ye lah PD je kan....dok lama-lama pun nak buat apa ( my sour-grape statement ). When I woke up this morning, my body was aching all over. It feels like I've been tied to the bed & lifting up my body away from it is such an impossible task. Trust me.....it really kills !

The Blue team did it again !

It then makes me wondering why on earth are we having this Volleyball match this morning? Didnt we have enuff physical training yesterday? If my bones & muscles could talk, they would be screaming their lungs out by now......help.....please dont strain us anymore.....nooooooo !!!!

While waiting for the final round - the non-bersemangat phase....yet

Anyway, since we're there so that means, no more escape for us. We've got no choice but to drag our feet to the court helplessly. The issue here do not lies only on my physical condition but also the game itself. Volleyball it is. When was the last time I've ever played the game? It's like never ! As it is I'm never a sportswoman throughout my life, let alone getting myself engaged into all these stamina compelling kindof game. Puhhhhleaseeee.......

You go girl ! Beat them up !

Nevertheless, the Blue team still excels. We won the first place......again ! And the best part is I scored 1 point from my serve during the final round. It surely makes me feel worthy. After scoring that 1 miserable point, I suddenly becomes very bersemangat. Felt a bit disappointed when they had to end the game earlier as it started to rain. Heheheh.....bersemangat la konon !


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