10 October 2009

Loserrrrrr !!!!!

For the past few months I've been receiving a number of rude & vulgar comments from this one particular guy. Didnt actually know what he's up to but from what I've read, I'm quite sure he's facing one huge problem that need to be looked into.....that is his very own self. Only a problematic dumb ass whose testicles are bigger than his brain, would go into somebody's blog & do nothing else but to condemn & insult the owner.

My blog is not even close to popular - only a handful of people would be reading it in which 80% of them are my frens & family. The rest are strangers who might accidentally bump into it while browsing the net. Bear in mind that strangers are not likely to be using words like "idiot", "slut" or "stupid" in their comments unless their simply lose their head. This moron is therefore somebody whom I know. Somebody who seems to have some kind of grudges against me. That would streamlined to just a few individuals that have such potentials, which is not that difficult for my 40 year old brain to figure it out.

To that dumb ass who regularly visits my blog, I dont really understand what's your intention. If you just wanna piss me off with those offensive comments of yours, I supposed you will have to try harder. I'm not like you who has an air-head ( in case you didnt know what's this, it means that your head is only filled with air...nothing else but air ) and would be jumping up & down after reading those stupid comments of yours. FYI, those comments are in fact the reflection of your own personalities which is currently at a very alarming level of intelligence & moral values.

Those quality human values are not something you could buy with money. These are the things they wont taught universities. Having a degree or masters from an oversea university is not a guarantee that you'll become a good person. It is something you have to acquired and by looking at how you've been behaving all these whiles, you are still very far from being one.

If you're really a man as what you claim you are, why not just reveal your identity & say all those words to my face. Why use a nickname? Where are your tiny balls, by the way? Why hide behind that nick of yours rather than being truthful to yourself? If you really hate me, why bother reading my blog. You're just too chicken to face me, thus using my own blog against me. Such a loser & a loser you'll remain for the rest of your life !

Bagai anjing menyalak bukit - it's the Malay peribahasa which suits the situation very well. Since you are so "smart", I'm sure you know who's the "anjing" and who's the "bukit" here. Anyhoo, I'm not the one who's been barking !!!!

p/s On your comment for my entitled " Guys, trust me.....it's ugly!!! ", looks like you're not only having a brain malfunction but your eyes need to be checked too. The couple are not exposed .......should you open that small eyes of yours just a bit, you should have seen the mask that is covering their faces. An advise : better get your facts right before shooting out the bullets !
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