22 October 2009

My Never Ending Must-Have List

Frankly, my must-have list is a never-ending list. It'll be forever replenished every now & then. All the items in the list are top priorities. Everything is important & a must-have......how meh? This is the global dilemma all women have to face. As the famous Arabic saying goes : Women have 9 desires and only 1 sense ( and men are otherwise ). Meaning that women have only one part of sense to control her nine desires. That's what I call "Mission Impossible". Trust me, been there....done that ! It's darn impossible !

We definitely wanna look pretty......our house must be beautiful.....our kids have to be cool.....and not forgetting our cars too. All these needs money......lots of them. To look pretty alone, one needs a whole loads of cash. It has to be from top to toe kindof thing....tudung / hair, make-ups, clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories bla bla bla. Plus the personal care like toiletries, skin care & supplements. And mind you, all that are only for ourselves, not including the house, kids, spouse, car or even pets !

It is certainly not easy being a woman. The pressures are coming from every angle .....peers, spouses, society and even from within ourselves. It is something that we cant really control. The urge can sometimes be so great you'll find yourself fall prey to your own desires. When that happen, you'll start looking for justification to your act.....hehehe, that's me !

Ok..ok….think positive….take it from the bright side - we can always make this must-have list as a catalyst to work harder (yeahhhh rightttttt !! ). Make it as a goal which will make you move that ass in order to achieve it. How about that ?

Anyhoo, here are that so-called list of mine ( so far ) :

Approx. Cost

New swimsuit

RM 150.00

An orange shoe / sandal

RM 80.00

A brown handbag

RM 100.00

A purple shoe
(to replace the broken ones)

RM 50.00

An external hard disc for my movie storage

RM 250.00

New curtain to replace the 10 year old curtain for my bedroom

RM 150.00

A carpet for my living room

RM 300.00

A new bed for me – my current bed is more than 10 yrs old already

RM 550.00

Now tell me, where can I find a “Datuk” to sponsor me all these needs of mine? Helppppp…….


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