21 October 2009

50 Cents Yong Tau Fu

The post title can be quite misleading actually. People would be thinking I'm promoting a god damn cheap Yong Tau Fu here. Unfortunately that's not case....sorryyyyy. But there 's indeed a story behind that 50 cents though.

I went to this yong tau fu stall with Ija after work yesterday evening. I've used to come here before, quite often I would say - about 5-6 years back. Then they shifted their location which is not too far away from their original spot. That was when I stopped visiting the place - not because of the new location....just simply la I guess. Cant think of any reason as to why I stopped going there.


Anyway, that's not the issue here. For those who doesnt like the Chinese style yong tau fu like the one featured in my previous entry ( Hometown Yong Tow Foo ), this is your good news. As far as yong tau fu is concerned, I've always preferred the soupy ones as compared to the pasar malam version ( the one with that brown sauce ).

It was in Singapore where I've actually got myself acquainted with this soupy yong tau fu. That was about 10 - 15 years ago when I've to work in Singapore for a month. Unfortunately, that's not how yong tau fu is normally eaten here in Malaysia. I had hard times looking for the soupy types - I mean the halal ones la. Not until Hometown YTF started their business. Later, I found out about this Malay stall that served my kindof yong tau foo which is equally good as the one in Hometown YTF. The only drawback to this place is it's variety is much lesser. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this stall for it's tasty soup.


So, what's with the 5o cents story? Ok.....the stall is now run by an Indonesian lady who's actually working for the owner. Here the funny part......after handing me my packed yong tau fu, I asked her for the cost & she said, it's 50 cents. Puzzled, I asked again & she still gave me the same answer that is "50 cents". Logically it cant be that cheap & therefore I handed her a RM5 note instead.

In a jokingly manner, I asked her for a RM4.50 cents change. Now, it's her turn to be confused. She then explained to me that the yong tau fu cost 50 cents & that she doesnt need to give me any change for that RM5 I gave her. She keep on telling me over & over again that it's 50 cents. Both me & Ija just couldnt stop giggling at her & at the same time thinking whether this girl is really confused or just being blur ( but she couldnt be THAT blur, right?? ). We're rather in a very complicated situation then & we certainly doesnt wanna go deeper. So, we just leave & continue having our good laughs.......hahaha.

By the way, that doesnt deny the facts that their yong tau fu soup is good. Besides the yong tau fu, they also have the packed nasi lemak daun pisang which is not too bad. To those who would like to check out the place, I've drawn a map here for you guys. Go check it out !


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