23 October 2009

My Heart Is Burning

Slept like a baby last nite - after being in a non-sleep mode for 24 hours continuously......huh, that was tough ! Last nite while on bed, I was really scared that I might not be able to sleep again. It was quite a traumatizing experience for me during the first few minutes. Every time my mind starts wondering or focusing on something, I would immediately erase them all in fear that my insomnia would invade my mind again. I dont wanna be walking like a zombie for the second consecutive day. Yesterday's experience is torturous enuff for me.

This morning, however I'm facing another medical difficulties. This time it's heartburn which is as bad as the zombie effect coz both gave that uncomfortable feelings. Despite its name, heartburn actually has nothing to do with the heart; it is so called because of a burning sensation near to where the heart is located – although some heart problems may give rise to a similar burning sensation.

Heartburn is typically common, and while many people suffer from occasional heartburn, it generally isn’t a great medical concern, just uncomfortable. While googling for ways to treat heartburn, I come across an article which says that a simple and relatively harmless way to treat a one-off heartburn is to drink a solution of a small amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixed with water, which quickly neutralizes the acid that causes the pain. However, take note that an excess of sodium intake, is thought to raise blood pressure and cause other health problems. Well, too much of anything would definitely do more harm than good.

Being in the office, obviously there's no baking soda here. The only way to fix my problem is to go & see the doctor which I dont feel like doing right now. So, I'm just gonna sit here & bear the pain while hoping it'll go off soon. Never heard anybody died of heartburn so far. And I do I hope I wont be the first victim !


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