17 October 2009

Free Henna Tattoo

Final Stop - Henna Services

In conjunction with the Deepavali celebration, Suria KLCC is offering a free henna tattoo for those who have spent minimum of RM 100 at selected outlets. Isetan, Parkson & Cold Storage are among the outlets that are NOT included in this promo. This offer is only valid for purchases made from 10 - 17 Octoner 2009. Anyway, you can still get this tattoo done on your hand with a charge of RM 10/hand.

I complied to the stated requirements & therefore is entitled for the free henna....yayyyy ! After choosing the desired design, I gave them my hand to be "tattooed". If you still remember, I've posted an entry before on my first henna experience somewhere in March which I've considered as a disaster. It was very badly done & it makes my hand so ugly when it is supposed to be the otherwise.

The design that I chose

This time around, it's not as bad. But then, I'm still far from being satisfied. They've asked me to choose a design that I liked & therefore I expect that chosen design to be on my hand. What happened is the unexpected. The girl decided to be a bit more creative & enhanced the design further. So, instead of having a simple henna tattoo, I end up having a crowded & somewhat ugly motives on my hand.

The design that they created

Looks like henna and me can never get along very well. I just dont have the luck that when it comes to henna......huhuhu.

What say you? Hmmmm......me no like !


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