24 October 2009

Our Weekend Escapade - The Hotel


Been planning this outing with Marsya since before raya actually. It's just too difficult to slip it in between our incredibly busy schedules (my busy schedules, rightly). Believe it or not, all of my weekends are fully "booked" till end of November & mind you, October is not even over yet !

The golden unicorn - is this where they've their name from?

It was all Marsya's idea from the very beginning. When it comes to planning an outing, Marsya is the best. Especially, when it involves big money......huhuhu. Yup, that girl definitely has a high taste. She would tabled up every detail of the itinerary - where to go, what to do & where to eat. All I need to do is to make sure that my purse is fat enuff to cover the expenses......huhuhu.

The huge lobby

We've decided to spend this weekend @ The Palace of Golden Horses. It's a 5-star hotel and an imposing Moorish architecture by the 150-acre lake. Looking at the hotel would make you feel as though you are in the realm of Aladdin movie - mainly due to it's green dome-shaped roof.

The so many horses right in front of the hotel

From the name itself one should have guessed it got something to do with horses. The most logical reason is due to its location which is just beside the Selangor Turf Club STC Equestrian. Being an equine-themed hotel, everywhere you go, you'll find horses - statues, on the wall, on the ceiling, on the door and even as a chair handle!

Golden Salon Lobby Lounge

Overall, the hotel is okay. Their facilities are more or less the same as other 5 star hotels I've been to before. Being located by the lake somehow gives them an advantage to offer something different from other hotels. They have this service called the water taxi which take their guests for a tour around the lake. The guest can also use this water taxi as the mean of transportation to take them to the Mines shopping center. This service however, is not free (tell me what's free nowadays?). The fee would be RM18 per ride, to & fro, which I believed is a bit on a higher side. I'm sure more people would love to try it out should the fare is a bit lesser, say RM10 maybe. Anyway being a 5 stars hotel, everything has to be 5 stars too, which in this case includes the price too !


AT The Jetty


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