21 October 2009

Mom Bloggers Planet

Just joined the rest of the moms community in this newly discovered website called Mom Bloggers Planet. I've came across their banner before while blog hopping but never actually crossed my mind to be part of it...not until a few days ago. Dunno what inspires me to do so but it's kindof cool to be part of their 900+ existing members.... and counting.

By the look at their blog title, one might think that only "moms" should be joining. Furthermore, their tag line sounds like this : "Where Malaysian Mums Unite". If that's what you're thinking, then you are proven wrong. Anybody can join, regardless of your title - be it a single lady or moms to be.....in fact, even a guy could be part of it too.

This is such a cool website that offers lots n lots of good things such as blogging tips / tools, forums discussing about everything under the sun including parenting tips, marriage, fashion, shopping....just name it, you've got it all here. On top of that, it's also a good platform to those who wants to place their ads to promote whatever their selling. For those who loves entering competitions, well this is one site you should be visiting everyday as they held a bunch of competitions which offers great prizes.

Enough said about Mom Bloggers Planet. Go ahead & amazed yourself with all the interesting & exciting features they are offering. I'm sure somehow or rather, you'll be thanking me for introducing you the website. You're indeed very much welcome !


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