11 October 2009

Musical Gamat Theatre


Yesterday evening I had the chance to watch this semi-musical Gamat theatre at Istana Budaya with my precious. I came to know about this theater from Haslinda when she posted about it in FB. Credit to her for the free promo. Anyhow Has, I bought the tickets online since your Abg Man didnt answer my call.....huhuhu.

IMG_4974 The Gamat family

Set in the undersea world, Gamat tells the story of the little gamat (sea-cucumber) named Mat who was kidnapped by the vicious Jellyfish gang. The Jellyfish gang is actually the Octopus's sidekick who is currently sick due to the toxic waste that were thrown into the sea by irresponsible human.


The Flower Crabs & Starfish

Jellyfish are supposed to capture the Ibu Gamat instead of her son, to cure the Octopus. With the help of the Porcupine Fish Squad & the Eel, Mat's parents managed to rescue him in the end. The Octopus & Jellyfish are then being caught & are required to clean the sea as the verdict to their crime.


The crooks aka Octopus

It was a good show, mainly for the children. I did enjoy the 2 hrs++ show though I nearly slept towards the end of it. Out of 5, I'm giving them 3 stars - nice costumes & props. Thumbs up to Amy Mastura (Ibu Gamat) for her comedic act who makes people burst with laughter every time she came out on stage. Natasha Hudson ( Porcupine Fish) though is just so-so. Nothing is so great about her act that I could comment about.


The Porcupine Squad

The Jellyfish Gang


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