09 October 2009

Isetan Pre-Sale

Isetan is currently having their anniversary sale from 9th Oct - 1st Nov '09 and today happened to be the member pre-sales. Being a compulsive shopper like me, I would definitely be there to invigorate the economics. The country needs me & therefore I should contribute in any possible ways. Shopping is certainly one of them !

As Carol quoted : this bag looks as if somebody got killed making it - which I totally agree. It's one horrendous looking bag & mind you, it's Guess !

Carol thought that if she paste the Isetan card on her forehead, she'll get extra discount. Sorry gal, you thought wrong.........heheheh.

Went there during the lunch hour with no other than my partner in crime, Carol. Carol desperately needs a new handbag as she've been humiliating herself in the lrt for weeks with that old, haggard handbag of hers........hehehe ( Carol, please dont kill me if you're reading this.....that bag IS old, isn't it? )

One of the 2 bags that Carol bought

The moment I stepped into the store, I've been repeatedly reminding myself that I cant afford to spend any money this month since I've already burnt a big hole in my pocket for the raya celebrations. Just a few seconds later, my eyes are glued to this rugged looking green coloured sling bag. This is the thing with me - sling bag always give me this kindof effect that I just couldnt possibly resist.

See, I told you I look good with this bag !

I then took the bag, put it on me & look at myself in the mirror. The more I look at it, the more I'm admiring the bag. I did try to deviate my attention to other bags but like I mentioned before, this obsession I have towards sling bag has totally taken control over me. Anyhoo, it's on 50% discount, I told myself.....trying to kill that guiltiness in me. So, watta heck...close one eye & grab it lah ! Damn !


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