22 October 2009

Insomnia Is Back


The above pic was taken at the crime scene (my bedroom) during the zombifying process the whole of last nite. It was 1.36 am as shown in the clock. The term zombified is being used because I was up the whole night & by morning I've completely transformed into a zombie kindof creature due to the tremendous lack of sleep.

I was turning & tossing for god knows how many times, trying to get the most comfortable position for a good nite sleep. Though the clock showed 1.36 am, I'm still very much awake up till 3.30 am. I dont even dare to look at the clock anymore thereafter, coz it'll definitely strike the panic alarm in me.

Look, I've to be up by 5.30 am sharp. However by 3.30 am I havent had a single sleep yet which really freaked me up! That's why I prohibited myself from kept on looking at the clock coz the more I looked at it, the more panic I'm gonna be. And the more panic I am, the more I cant dozed myself off. God help me !!!

Normally it only took me like 10 - 15 minutes to finish an entry. This particular one however , have been taking more than 30 minutes of my time & yet I'm still not done with it. Ironically, I'm not sleepy. I havent yawn so far but it's my brain that has been lagging me. It refuses to function at it's normal speed. When I walked, it felt more like drifting rather than walking.

All I want now is to go back & drown myself on my heavenly bed. I need a double dose of sleeping hours to make up for my yesterday's loss. Good nite !


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