15 October 2009

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

I am a bit free today......my boss been very quiet in his room the whole morning, which means no work for me.....hehehe. But at the same time, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable though. You see.... he knows very well that I dont have any work this morning. But yet, by the look of it I seems to be very busy at my workstation - non-stoppingly hitting the keyboard as if I have a dateline to meet by noon. I'm sure he would be very puzzled analyzing the situation......hehehehe.

Anyway, due to my excessive free time, after posting my entry for the day I have plenty of time left to do nothing but browsing the net. This has brought me to this website called BizInformation .

It's quite an interesting site as it tells you how much your blog or website worth. All you need to do is type the url address for your blog / website & hit the "Value" button on the right hand side. It'll then show the value of your site either in RM or USD. Dont know why for certain sites are being valued in RM & some are in USD. Red Scoot On the Move is valued in USD - maybe because it's popular in the States - so it says.....hehehe.

By the way, my blog is worth USD 5 319 and is ranked at 10,737,466......huhuhu. But it's alright coz I'm quite okay with the numbers. USD 5 319 is 19,680 in Ringgit Malaysia......now it looks much better, isnt it?


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