05 October 2009

Doctors...No Pain, No Gain !

Was in the hospital this evening for a follow-up with the doctor on the progress of my toe's wound. Apparently, the recovery of my wound is going very well. The wound has dried up & hence, no dressing is required. It's just a small wound anyway & there's no exposed flesh at all. So, a fast recovery is some what expected.

The doc. managed to salvage my toe nail

Anyway, the story of my toe shouldnt be the highlights to this entry. It's the doctor's bill that triggered me to write this entry. The only thing the doctor did yesterday was removing the bandage around my toe. Seeing that it's already dried up, he just washed his hands, told the nurse no needs for any dressing & just leave. A moments later, I was called to the counter & they showed me the bill - RM170 !! Wallauwehhh !! That's the luxury of being a specialist - RM 170 for a less than a 5 minutes job.

But come to think of it, they do deserve it. They study their arse off for 7 years (or so) and then still aren't trained enough to get a job. They then have to continue studying for further years to specialise or become a GP. Basically, they've to study more than any other industry. The pay isn't that good until they specialize. Being a doctor means sacrificing your life for your career - as an intern they will be working weird hours in shifts at a hospital, as a surgeon it'd be even worse. Being a doctor really is a lifetime commitment.

So, that explains the expensive bills .....no pain.....no gain !


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