20 October 2009

The Name Says It All....Or Not

I was drawn to this one small section in yesterday's paper where a Saudi woman is seeking a divorce after her husband nicknamed her Guantanamo on his cellphone. The 30 year-old woman, who had been married for 17 years make that discovery while examining the list of contacts in her husband's phone when he left it at home one day.

The woman was deeply offended by her husband's comparison between life with his wife and life within the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention centre at the US naval base in Cuba. The spouse defended himself saying he merely did it for privacy reasons and did not want people to know his wife was calling. "I don’t want people sitting around me to know that this is my wife calling," said the husband. Yeah righttttttt !!!!!!

Some women might find it humorous being nicknamed that bad but if it's me, I would be fuming too. Nothing funny being branded as Guantanamo by your own spouse. A good and sensible husbands wouldn't do this sort of thing, as they could affect the marital relationship. This kindof things could easily build up & becomes the catalyst to a bigger problems like divorces, for instant.

Anyway in this Saudi woman case, I dont think divorce is the right move. She should have handle it in a more positive way rather than letting her temper & anger ruled her mind ( now, look who's talking......hehehehe ). What I mean is that, she should look & ask herself what she have done that makes her husband named her that. It can be something like an eye-opener to her for she, herself might not realize it after all these whiles. It's more of a blessing in disguise, I would say. I'm sure things would turned out better for her & her husband if only she could think straight for a moment - rather than taking a drastic decision that she might one day regretted.

Anyhoo, that's my two cents worth of opinion. Who am I to talk about relationship when mine cant even survive........huhuhu.


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