24 October 2009

Weekend Escapades - The Suite

The king size bed for the bedroom

I've booked a suite instead of just a standard room as I've invited a few other people to join. The more merrier kan? A standard deluxe room would be too small to fit everybody in. In Palace of Golden Horses, they have a few types of suites. The one that I rented is called the Minister Suite. There are however, a much bigger & nicer ones but are all fully booked since they are having the Asia Pacific Golf Summit 2009 this weekend.

The living

The room is okay but nothing to shout about. Nothing so extravaganza on the room amenities - they are more or less the same as other hotels I've been to. The only thing extra for a suite is it's size. It has an extra living room rather than just the bedroom. Plus an extra restroom too. There are 6 of us altogether & at least we wont be knocking into each others ass while being in the room.

View from the room - the pool

Our suite is at the first floor & quite close to the pool, which is good coz Marsya just cant be separated from the pool, it seems. We also had a good view from the room as it is just opposite the lake - especially at night when all lights are lit up.

View from the room - the lake


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