17 October 2009

New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion

The 1st stop - Kinokuniya.

So, I'm all alone today. When Marsya's not with me, as usual I'll go bonkers - not knowing what to do & where to go. With Marsya, I will at least have some directions. My initial plan as I opened my eyes this morning is to send my Red Scoot to the workshop. It has been making this funny noises for the past few days which kind of irritates me already. Not only that, those noises makes me feel very uncomfortable while riding. I have a fear that the engine would just stop suddenly & if that happen, I'll be as good as dead !

One of my favourite section - Chick Lit

Once I've gotten myself ready, then only I realize that today is the public holiday - which means , the workshop is closed.......sigh. Damn ! That's when I decided to change my route to KLCC instead - for no particular reason. Whereas would I go?

Upon reaching KLCC, Kinokuniya came straight to my mind. It's a very good place to spend time - good environment with lots n lots of books. Just perfect ! So, to the 4th floor I went. Spent almost 3 hours there reading various kind of books - from crafts, scrapbooking, recipes, biodata etc.

It's actually this one particular book which occupies most of my time, that is the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion. For a vampire fan like me, to just ignore the book is close to impossible. I was glued to it & voluntarily immersed myself into the vampire world with such great pleasure.

That's it....that's the book !

The book consists of full-color photos of the cast, locations and sets of the New Moon Movie. It also contains exclusive interviews & personal stories which takes you behind the scenes with cast and crew, uncovering intimate details of the filmmaking process. And how can I not be stuck to it? I read the whole book with not a single page missed. I was so thrilled & excited looking at those gorgeous photos of Edward, Bella & surprisingly, Jacob too (though I really hate this wolf ). Makes my heart aches even more in waiting for the release date of the movie.......aarrgghhhhhhh !!!!!

The cover of the said book

These are some of the pics excerpted from the book :

The forever loving Edward & Bella

The volturi

The mouth watering Jacob......yummy !!!


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