17 October 2009


2nd stop - Arzu

From Kinokuniya, I went down to the 2nd floor. This time, my destination will be Arzu - the tudung shop. Didnt actually have any plans to stop by but since I'm already there in KLCC, thought I would just drop by & checked on any new scarfs or anak tudung.

Frankly, I dont actually buy my scarfs here as they are quite pricey ( but not as expensive as Ariani though - ridiculously over priced ). I do have a few pieces though which I bought during sales. The only thing I looked for from this store is their awning-shaped anak tudung. And again, I would like to stress here that Ariani have a similar anak tudung too but their price is 3 times more! Watta !

Nevertheless, people keep on swarming the place which wouldnt help much in curbing the prices. When the demand is there, there's no need to reduce the price, isnt it? In fact, they'll make more money over the ignorance of the society. Ariani to me is totally a plain daylight robbers.

Anyway, who am I to educate people how to spend their money. I , myself didnt have an excellent financial management either.....wakawaka. Since I was there in Arzu, I thought I could do a favour to my fren Ija. All I know, she has been looking for a black anak tudung for so long. Unfortunately, the black anak tudung being the most popular ones, are all sold out. According to the sales girl, the new stock could only last for 1 - 2 days maximum. Very the popular gitewww.

So Ija, sorry .....I did try. Apa kan daya, dah takde rezeki ngko. Teruskan usaha......


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