11 October 2009

Hometown Yong Tow Foo


Per Marsya's request, this is where we had lunch today. Ampang Hometown Yong Tow Foo is quite well known among those who stayed in Ampang & Pandan area. I dont know any other halal Yong Tow Foo restaurants besides this particular ones. If you come here, you would be surprised since the patrons are mostly Malays.


My favourite here is the soup, of course. The taste is just right. It taste even better after mixing it with the lady's finger, brinjal & chillie. I would easily finish the whole bowl of soup & all other things that comes in it......hehehe. There are also the fried ones which are as good. These fried yong tow foo are eaten with their special dipping. It's the black sauce, mixed with chillie paste which gives the sweet & spicy taste.


We didnt order those fried yong tow foo since it's not Marsya's favourite too. So we just stick to the soup plus a set of chicken wings. The chicken wings are somewhat ok lah. Nothing to shout about and nothing to complaint either.


So, that's about it for our lunch today. Gotta get ready now for the Gamat show @ Istana Budaya. See ya !



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