09 October 2009

Men In Uniforms

Men in uniforms are simply gorgeous......they just look good. Their face can be so pecah rumah but once they put on their uniforms, women will be weak in their knees. When I said "men in uniform" here, I'm referring to police / military / pilots ok......not including postmen, firemen & those who're working in fast food outlets though they are also in uniforms. Gotta be clear here, ok.

So, what is it that makes men in uniforms looks so attractive & appealing to some women - me in particular ? Well, we women are used to so frequently seeing men dressed casually or shabbily. Uniforms are streamlined, neat and unusual in which we don't see them all around us everyday. The uniforms also signify bravery, power, strength, nobility & most importantly......sexy. Very yummy indeed......hehehehe.

Why am I suddenly talking about these guys actually? Well, yesterday we ( Ain, Ija, Hajar & myself) had lunch at KL Convention Centre - it's a lunch with a mission. Apparently the military is having some sort of a seminar there this week. So, we were there to catch a glimpse of those guys lah.....menjamu mata lah konon. Unfortunately, what we saw is nothing up to our expectation. There are lots of guys in uniforms but they are all anak-anak ikan. Still very young & green. Definitely not to my taste. As usual.....I prefer the older guys......hehehehe.

That's Lin.... trying very hard to hide her disappointment !

Too bad for Lin la.....memang hina tahap gaban tau pompuan tu ! Puasa2 pun sanggup ikut kita org pegi lunch just for the sake of drooling over those abang2 askar....hahahaha. Sungguh tak berbaloi. last2 bukan drooling over those guys but drooling over our food !


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