31 October 2009

Spring Cleaning

It was a cold Saturday morning. The initial intention was to wake up as late as possible but then the furthest I could go is 8.00 am. Yeah....it is that far off. How I'd wish I could sleep till 11 like some people. 8.00 am by far, is my best achievement......huhuhu.

Anyway, the good thing about being up early is that I've managed to complete all my long overdue house chores. Doing housework when the day had just started gave me an entirely different perspective. I'll be feeling very fresh & energetic plus the coldness of the morning really helps in boosting up my determination.

So, I'm quite happy with my accomplishment for the day. Got my bed sheet changed after about 2 months of attempt. Changed the curtain for my room - the curtain I've just realized I had.....hehehehe. Vacuumed the carpet. Mopped the floor. Wiped all the dust off. All done & dusted.

After all these cleanings & scourings, I've always have this feeling whereby the air that I breathe is somewhat fresher. It makes me have this healthy feeling in me. I guess all the hard work are paid off then !


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