04 October 2009


Read & heard lots of good reviews on this Santai restaurant where most comments are meant for their outlet in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. There are 3 Santai outlets altogether which includes those in Tesco Mutiara Damansara & Tesco Ampang. With the increasing numbers of outlets so far, I guessed what people said about them should be all true.

I was in Tesco Ampang this evening looking for Marsya's stuffs. I was all alone the whole day that makes me a bit lazy to feed myself - as usual. Biasalah, akak kalau dah tinggal sorang2 kat umah, minum air sejuk & makan biskut kering pun jadik. Janji tak mati kelaparan.....namun nak kluar gi beli makanan, tidak sama sekali. To cook for just one stomach is definitely not worth the time & effort at all !

So, when I was there in Tesco I was like a tiger whom just being released from a cage after a few days......am so hungry I can eat a horse ! The hunger pang that strikes my tummy reminded me of this restaurant. Just a few thousand less than a speed of a light, I rushed to the said restaurant in no time.

After going through the menu, I've ordered Mee Bandung - one, because that's the only noodles that looks hot & spicy in the menu. And two, the visuals of the Mee Bandung in the menu looks quite appetizing. Their selections of food are quite impressive which ranges from noodles, rice & variety of other dishes.

My order arrived less than 10 minutes time which is considered good especially when all tables are occupied. The noodles looks more or less the same as the picture shown in their menu which gives them extra credit for customer's first impression. Taste wise, it was good. I would wanna say it was superb but thinking of me being extra hungry while having it, I guessed my comment wont be that fair then. Nevertheless, I would definitely come here should I have a craving for Mee Bandung.

The only drawback to this place is their service. My soya bean drink didnt arrived till the last sip of my Mee Bandung. I was sitting just beside the counter & their waiters / waitresses passed me every 5 minutes & none of them actually realized that I dont have any drinks on my table. maybe they thought that I'm a cheapskate who would just order a food & omit the drinks....sigh.

After waiting for a while, I lost hope & proceeded to the cashier counter. I told the cashier that I didnt get my drinks at all. She then told me how much I've to pay for the noodles & that's it. After I took the change from her, I paused for a while & look straight to her face. She was quite confused with my reactions though. I was as confused, for crying out loud !!!

With a cynical smile, I asked her whether she's not gonna apologize to me at all? Still, she's acting like she's just arrived from Mars.....acting so blur & blank. With all the patience I could gather ( trust me, it's very hard), I explained to her that I was having my food without a drink & expect her to apologize when I told her the situation earlier. After realizing her mistake, she gave me a weak smile.....but still, not apologizing. OMG....is it too much to ask??? I looked at her helplessly, gave her the most sympathetic look & walked away. I was so speechless......

This is the problem with the mentality of most Malays who are involved in businesses here in this country. I'm not trying to be biased here but I'm saying this based on my very own experience.....not once, not twice but countless time where I've to put up with these group of people who doesnt seems to know how to appreaciate / treat their customer well - unlike the Chinese. Bodoh sombong is the most appropriate word to describe most of them. Some of them are undoubtedly good but there are still a lot who desperately needs civics education out there!!!


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