24 October 2009

Weekend Escapade - The Pool

Of all the the facilities in the hotel, it's the pool that I love the most - especially Marsya. She seems cant be separated from the pool. She love being in the water. She could stay in it for hours & yet it's never enuff. That's the joy of being a kid.....you're never tired of playing & having fun.

The pool here is big unlike in some other hotels. It has 3 sections - the wading pool, the medium depth pool & the adult pool ( 1.5 m deep ). The fun part is their slides. I love the slides very much. Everybody does. We did all sort of sliding stunts on the slide....oh yessss. we really had fun.

Being there in the pool, surrounded with so many kids makes me felt as though I've just been born 10 years ago. I felt like a kid again ! I had so much fun on the slides. I screamed, screeched, shrieked and I even howled ....that's how awesome it is for a 40 year old woman being given a chance to be a kid again !! Yeeeeehaaaaaa !!!

The amazing slide

By the way, besides the slides there's another interesting facility awaits you by the pool - which is quite as amusing as the slides. It's this special bicycle where you'll be riding it while lying rather than sitting unlike those normal bicycle. It's something like the go-kart but in this case you'll be riding instead of driving. Anyway, nothing comes free nowadays and so does this bicycle. It's available for RM15/hour. It may looked similar to the regular bike but it'll gives you a totally different sensation of riding. Very highly recommended.


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