29 October 2009

My Heart Bleeds For You Too

I bumped into this blog called My Monologues while blog hopping today. It is owned by this  wonderful lady who called herself as Myheartbleeds (MHB). MHB is a mother of two who lost her husband in 2007 due to sudden heart attack. 

There's nothing so special about her blog - no fancy blinkies, no cool widgets, no nice pics...but her blog is interesting enuff that I just cant stop myself from reading it, posts after posts. I like the way she expressed herself in her blog. Her writings really touched my heart deeply. Few times I've to stop reading & take a deep breath in an effort to stop my tears from rolling out on my cheeks.

Only the good dies young. Her late husband must have been a very good person during his lifetime. MHB misses her late husband very much. I can clearly feel her sadness through her writings......my heart bleeds together with hers.

Both of us are in the same ship. Both of us have to sail the ship on our own no matter how high the tides are....no matter how strong the storms might be. There's no such thing as to retreat or surrender for we're not been given the choice. But in a way, I am luckier. It has been 3 years since her late husband passed away & yet she's still struggling to move on. In this case, it is much easier for me. 

To MHB, I wish there's something I could do to take your pain away. My heart goes out to you. May Allah bless you & your 2 beautiful daughters. Amin.


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