31 October 2009

Aimar's Ben-10 B'day Bash

Marsya is enjoying her ice-cream

It was Ain's lil boy, Aimar's birthday today. For the past few weeks Ain had been so enthusiastic about this event. Every time I we chatted, she's always in the midst of doing something for the party. I understand very well how excited she can be for I've done that & been there. We, mothers can sometimes be so overwhelmed over this kindof things. We've always want it to be the coolest party our kid would ever had.

Oh yesss......they have inflatables !

The party was held at Ain parents' house in Taman Sri Ukay. Having a yard of their own is obviously an advantage to have such a birthday party like this. Kids would have an ample space to play and run around the area. You wouldnt be in fear that you kids might bumped into other people or even worse, ran over the birthday cake !

The Ben-10 cookies

Ain really put lots of effort in making the party a great success & something her son would thanked her for one day. The party is a Ben-10 themed party. So, you can find Ben-10 everywhere - on the cake, of course, biscuits, toys, goodie bags and on a pancake too! She even make her family (though not all of them) to dress up in green.

The birthday boy & his mummy

Food was very good & plenty. Lots and lots of good food. As usual, her auntie's marvelous laksa was in the menu. There's also nasi tomato, chicken, nasi impit, beef rendang & lots of deserts. I really had a good meal there....if it's not because of this one lady who was glued at the same table of mine, I would have eaten more. Even that, I'm quite sure she might have lost counts on how many times have I gone back & forth to take the food.....hahahah. I surely hope that was my last encounter with her on this planet earth!

Good food....yummy !!

Marsya too had fun there. In every birthday party she attended, it will be the games that she've always looking forward to. She love to participate in those birthday games - not because of the present but just for the fun of it. Anyhoo, she won a few too ! Good for you, gal !

The pre-cake cutting ceremony

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Ain for the wonderful party.....I guess all the hard works paid off. Thanks for having me & Marsya to be part of your great event. Many, many thanks to your mum who tapau some laksa for me. Appreciate that very, very much !


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