30 October 2009


I dunno whether it's me who's getting older or it's the music industry that is reforming. Listening to the radio nowadays ( am referring to the English radio station here) can be quite stressful when the effect should be the reversed. There are too many shitty songs being played in the radio. Songs that dont deserved to be called a song. A person who is indecisive in committing suicide would straight away jump out from a building upon hearing these songs.

However, since last week I've been hearing this one song in Fly FM & sort of liking it especially that husky voice who sung it. It's a song you would wanna listen over and over again. Myself & Carol went high & low trying to find out who's the singer. After all attempts made were to no avail, Carol suggested me to call the radio station. So, yesterday I called up Prem from the Rush Hour Show & finally got the answer we've been looking for.

To our surprise, the song entitled Crumbs was performed by a local indie progressive rock band - Disagree. Crumbs is infact an old song from their first debut album, At The End Of The Day which was released way back in 2004. They recently released their latest album “To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You” on 30th June 2009.

Ok then, check out the song......


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