30 October 2009

Bravery Or Stupidity ?

Akak accident pagi tadi on my way to the office......huhuhuhu. Got nobody else to blame but my own self. Remember in one of my entry few weeks ago, where I've mentioned about the funny noise my bike's been producing. Well, that was about 3 weeks ago. Been very busy for the past few weeks that I cant possibly get the bike checked.

So, today I'm paying the price for my neglectfulness. It's something between bravery & stupidity. Stupid for doing nothing to rectify the bike's problem but brave enuff to still ride the bike despite of all those signs. Fortunately, it's nothing major & serious. I'm still breathing normally & with God's will, I should be able to finish this entry.

So, what's wrong with the red scooter? Apparently, the brake plate got worn out. So, when the worn out brake get in contact with the disc, that's where the funny noises came from. This morning the brake has reached it's maximum lifetime that it doesnt function anymore - which has caused Red Scoot's life at stake.

I was in the midst of "cilok mencilok" when the accident occurs. While at it, the car in front suddenly stopped & obviously I have to stop too. I did press the brake lever but it just wont stop. So, it right away hit the car's rear bumper & down on the road I fell. I was lucky there's no car coming towards my direction at that time. Otherwise I might not be here writing this entry anymore. Syukur.......

The injuries : few scratches on the Givi box, left side mirror broken, brake tube torn & a few minor "bruises" here & there. As for Red Scoot herself, nothing to worry. An approximately 3 inches of shallow cut on the left arm. Other than that, she's as strong as the bull......hehehehe.

Nama pun minah rempit kan...kalau tak bercalar lengan, kira tak cukup syarat lah kan...kan.....kan....


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