09 October 2009

Princess On The Block

For the past few days, I've been busy helping out my precious on her new blog. Oh yesss....my Marsya is now a proud owner of her own blog - like mother like dotter la kan. Mana lagi tumpahnya kuah kalau tak kat atas nasi, ye tak?

That day, I suggested to her to create one for herself. "But I didnt know how to write such a long paragraphs like you", she said. So, I explained to her that it is not something mandatory to post a 2 - 3 paragraphs of an entry. A blog can be like a diary or journal where you make notes about things that is happening around you. It can be anything you would wanna write. It serves as a virtual note book where you can scribble whatever things you have in mind.

When she realize that fact, Marsya got very excited. That's when I started creating the blog for her. On her part, she came up with the blog name that is Princess On The Block. That's my Marsya......everything is "princess" for her..... I guess it makes her feel special kot. Jangan sampai kawin ngan anak raja plak nanti sudah......buat poning kepalo den jor !

As of now, Princess On The Block is more or less done. I did the design for the blog header last night at Marsya's piano class. All she needs to do now is to add some widgets here & there to beautify it. I do hope her blog will stay alive for a considerable time & not just a hangat2 taik ayam kindof effort.


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