23 October 2009

Error On Blogger

This evening, got a YM message from Ina asking me whether I could open up my blog. I've been quite tied up all afternoon that I cant even have a sneak peak at my blog. According to Ina, she cant open hers.

Apparently the same thing happened when I tried to open my beloved Red Scoot On The Blog. The above notification came out instead. It's quite depressing having to look at this instead of my pretty blog page ( chewahhh ). Fortunately I'm not into blogging this afternoon. Otherwise I'm quite sure I'll be cursing like crazy. You know how it feels when you have something to blog about but you just cant do it? Lemme tell you how it feels....it feels like you wanna pee but you cant. It's that bad, alright. You'll get very agitated...at least that's how I normally felt (most probably becoz I'm a blogger freak.....hahahaha).

Am not so sure how long the error lasted coz by the time I'm done with my work, blogger has resumed their service....fuuhhhhh. Cant imagine how stressful it's gonna be should the problem prolong. It surely makes lot of other bloggers scream their lungs out. I'm sure I will !


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