30 October 2009

Women & Make-Up

Recently, a colleague of mine came back from her maternity leave as a different person. She's no longer the same lady we used to see. She've changed herself to the better...she had a make over! From a plain looking lady, she's now vibrant & lively. That is one transformation I really like to witness especially among the people I knew.

Before, you can hardly see her using lipstick....let alone the eye-liner, blusher & others. But now, she had it all (except for mascara & blusher which I strongly believe she'll eventually try some day). She uses foundation, lipstick, eye liner & even an eye shadow ! And trust me, she looks good! She looks much, much more glowing & livelier. Hats off to her ! Way to go gal !

I've always encouraged my friends to put on make up. Why do I do that? Why did I apply make up on my face? Well, simply because it makes me feel better. It gives me a boost to my confidence level though I cant even see my own face (unless in a mirror). It gives me a reason to hold up my head a lil bit more.

I am a person who believes that women should always look good .......all the time. I dont wear make up to impress others. In fact I'm doing it to please myself. I love to see myself looked pretty. Call me self obsessed but I just love admiring myself in the mirror (Carol, I can see you nodding your head to this) !

I personally feel that looking good at all times is very important. Apart from the confidence thingy, you wouldnt not know whom you might bumped into. Imagine it's your rival during college time or maybe your ex.....I'm sure you would wanna look at your very best in front of them, arent you?

So, to all women out there....do dressed up yourself. Put some colours onto your face. Let's make the world looks better with our pretty faces !


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