28 October 2009

Wish It Was As Real As It Felt

Didnt get enuff sleep last nite, yet I'm smiling from ear to ear. I did feel sleepy though but what I've gone through last nite simply overwrites all those grogginess & tiredness in me. It is something I never expect would happened to me...something really special & sweet that would absolutely put a smile to my face this whole day. Allow me to share this would you though I'm sure some of you might be envious of me....hehehehe.

Went to bed at about 10. Two hours later, I was awake due to the sudden acute stomach pain. I've got no choice but to drag my half awake body to the loo. Really hate it when this happen ! Throughout the "excretion" process, I was not there nor here. I was neither sleeping nor awake. All i did is sit & let it happen naturally....as it is, the name itself is "nature's call", ins't it?

Done with that, I'm back on my bed. For me to be fully dozed off again, I need at least 15 - 20 mins. Sometimes when I'm not that lucky, it might dragged up to 1 hour. Fortunately luck was on my side last night. Went back to sleep shortly after.

After an hour or two, again I was awake. This time time it was Marsya who's waking me up. She peed on the bed. Gosh! Seems that she had a dream. Luckily it is not that bad. Only a small part fo the bed got wet. Marsya's really an angel.....she only woke me up after all the work has been done - she've changed her pyjama, hung her wet teddy bear at the balcony & tucked her wet blankie in the laundry basket. The only reason why she woke me up is that she didnt know what to do with the wet mattress. Poor girl.....

After settling Marsya & her wet situation, again I've to make an effort to re-sleep. Since I've been up for the 2nd time tonite, it makes me so sleepy & tired, thus doesnt took me long to fall asleep. This is when all the magical moments began......

Edward Cullen....T-H-E Vampire Edward has actually came into my dreams last night. The best thing about it is that, he came as my lover. I just cant believ my luck.....I was Edward Cullen's girlfriend ! Though it's only a dream, how many girls would have the chance to have him in their dreams.....let alone being his girl!! I did & it was so real. He practically kissed me on his lips....and pleaseeee, I swear I didnt make this up! He was so careful putting his lips on mine so as not hurt me & at that time, I just dont care even if he ate me alive ! We were so much deeply in love.....me & Edward.

That was one dream I would love to be trapped in forever. A dream I never wanna wake up from. A dream that could possibly makes me smile no matter how bad my day would be. A dream that makes me walk on cloud nine. But then, too bad it's just a dream........


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