06 October 2009

My Daughter....My Life

Sometimes I have this fear that comes creeping silently in me. I am currently having a hell of a good time with my precious Marsya. We tried our best to do almost everything together most of the time. And for all those moments we spent, not a single second we're not having fun. It doesnt need to be an expensive or a luxurious holiday together. Having our regular chat every nite on bed before we went to sleep has indeed brought countless happiness to us. In fact, that was my favourite & the most awaited event for the day !

That's the time when both of us talked about lots of things. What we did on that day. Whom we met. What pissed us off. Who screwed us up. It's also the time where we discussed about our weekend plans....where we're gonna go....what we're gonna do...things like that. I've always missed these moments every time she has to go her dad's place.......huhuhu.

Marsya is growing up very fast & without us realizing it, we've become best of friends. Marsya being more matured than her age contributes a lot in strengthening our mother-daughter relationship. Being raised by my grandmother, I've never encountered such a strong bond with my own mum - unlike the one I'm having with my own daughter. But that doesnt mean I love my mom any lesser.

This is where the scary part is. Marsya is like the air that I breathe. She's the world to me. my life revolves around her....ONLY her. Nobody else but her. Having the thought of she'll be leaving someday really scares the shit out of me. How am i going to cope with my life after that? How do I live my life knowing that she wont be at home waiting for me anymore? How do I sleep at night without her being beside me? How.....????

Having that thoughts in my mind sent shivers down my spine. I know I'm worrying over things that would only happen in the next 15 years or so. But still, it'll someday arrives. That day when my princess has to leave will eventually comes. All I can do now is hoping that I'll have the strength of a million souls to face that very day when it comes........


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