08 October 2009

Guys, trust me.....….it’s ugly !!!!

I'm sure you guys have seen the above scenario a couple million of times already. Nope, there's nothing wrong with your eyesight. It is a picture of a guy carrying a lady's handbag which I supposed belongs to his partner walking besides him. That must be it....otherwise, he's a gay ! laugingemoticon

This is one scenario I hate to witness….seriously! It is damn U-G-L-Y . Having to see a guy with a female handbag under their arm is indeed not a pleasant sight at all. Unfortunately, the increasing number of guys in this special category is quite alarming.

Those who did it while waiting for their partner going to the loo is still forgiven ( though I would still not do it ). But to those who carries it continuously, FYI it doesnt look manly at all. Let alone being tagged as macho or masculine! But if you really love carrying a female handbag, I suggested you guys to put on the ladies attire too – then only it’ll look proper. Right?

To the guys out there who did this every time they went out with their woman, could you please just stop it? We know you love her so much but why cant you just do it with pride & dignity. Why do you have to humiliate yourself just to prove your love? I’m sure there are one million and one other ways to express you love to her. You can even write to me for some tips , in which I wont charge you a single cent !!!

And for the ladies, stop humiliating those poor guys. Just because they love you with all their heart, it’s not right to ask them to do something beyond the norms. It will somehow reflect on you too. If you think it’s too burden to carry your own handbag, then dont bring any! Period.


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