28 October 2009

Restoran Sinar Mesra

This is where we went for our dinner last Sunday. The original plan was Saisaki but we were too tired then - due to the excessive swimming at the PGH. So, the Saisaki dinner will have to wait then. Thank god the craving for those raw salmon isnt that great yet. Otherwise, I would have just hauled myself there.

I've been to this restaurant before - quite a few times since it's in Pandan Indah. It was Pakcik who introduced me to this place. According to him, it's a popular place not only for dinner but also during lunch. This is something quite unusual for a Thai food eateries. Most Thai restaurant would normally starts their operation after 6 pm. Maybe that's one of the reason of it's popularity.....besides the food quality.

Ulam + Sambal Belacan

Generally, the food here are good. You wont end up being disappointed with what you've ordered. Their menu are those normal Thai foods like tomyam, steamed fish, kangkung belacan etc. One thing I like about this place is the portion of food served. They are quite generous in that sense. Your food wouldnt come in that tiny-miny lil plate. In fact, one portion could easily feed 3 - 4 person at most.

Kerang Bakar

Price is also affordable. Nothing so pricey. It is more or less the standard price you've at other Thai restaurants. Anyway, people would never complaint about the price as long as the food is good.

Ikan Stim Limau

They have quite a wide range of food varieties and drinks. Meaning that if you intent to visit this restaurant 3 days in row, you wont be shrugging your head thinking what to order. Their long list menu should be enuff to cater to your needs .

Tom Yam Sotong

As fas as service is concerned, they are acceptable. Depends on the timing though. You cant expect your food to arrive at your table in 5 minutes time when all tables are occupied, right ? 10 - 15 minutes of waiting, to my opinion is tolerable.

Kangkung Belacan

Didnt sketch any map for this restaurant. To those who would like to try out the food here, can contact me for the directions. I would be more than happy to show you the way.


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